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About one of the most interesting, disliked, and secretive men of the past century, Vice tells the story of Dick Cheney and his rise to power from Wyoming to the white house. Brilliantly direct by Adam McKay, Vice is a cool, interesting, and fascinating story about a man who above all else, loved power.

Christian Bale leads a star-studded cast of A-listers who all but become the politicians they are portraying. Bale nailed the look and voice of Cheney to a remarkable level. His performance is very deserving of all the attention and awards it has been receiving as he became unrecognizable. Amy Adams portrait of Lynne Cheney is amazing, showing what a powerful women Lynne is. Going way too underappreciated is the performance given by Steve Carell as Donald Rumsfeld. One of his best to date and the fact that Sam Rockwell’s SNL like portal of G.W. Bush was nominated for an Oscar over Carell is a true Crime.

Watching the store unfold on screen about things I grew up watching on the news was a 1-part fascinating and 1-part unnerving. It’s hard to recommend a political drama on and days since we are currently living in one, but McKay does a good job of not making you feel like you’re watching two-hours of CNN’s coverage of Trump even with the left leaning lenses the film is shot with.

So, you should see this movie if...

- You get all your news from “The Daily Show” and “Last Week Tonight” and need a recap on the 90s and early 2000s

- You live in Florida and did not vote in the 2000 presidential Election


- You are looking for a unique dramady with incredible acting and great direction

Rating: 4/5


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