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Isn't It Romantic

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Isn’t it Romantic arrives to tell us “romantic comedies are stupid and you’re stupid for liking them, stupid”. The movie felt like a bit like judgey hipster (redundancy) panning all rom-com clichés as if they were a 20 something who just ordered a Bud Light at a microbrewery.

With so much early emphasis on this movie being the anti Rom-Com, it was very disappointed that the plot followed the same formula it is spoofing. I had bought into the concept and had hoped for something original, a different take on the classic story. This, unfortunately, was not the case. As the movie played on, a predictable and paint by numbers romantic comedy unfolded before me. Which would have been fine if it had not tried so hard early on to tell us this was something different.

Overall, I found the movie much more cute than funny. Few, if any, real laughs but enjoyable enough. The moved along pretty quick, never lingering too long on one joke or scene which helped keep you interested and engaged. While all the characters were pretty entertaining, especially Rebel Wilson who was great, there was a real lack of chemistry between everyone possible on-screen duo, almost hard to do.

So, you should see this movie if…

- You've been hoping for a Pitch Perfect 4 but will settle for Pitch Perfect 3.5

- You're from Australia and need to support 2 of your countrymen


- You're looking to rent an easy to watch movie that just good enough while still allowing for occasional Instagram checking

Rating: 2.5/5


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